Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dr. Gyan Prakash Pilania on Jat Community

Some magical quotes by Dr Gyan Prakash Pilania, Former director general of Rajasthan police (DGP) and President of Jat Mahasabha during 1999 on Jat community and Political relation with BJP and congress. "The BJP had no part in the matter at all. Jats were never the fans of BJP. We had no conspiracy with the BJP at all. The people rose on their own. Now the BJP is also realising our strength and extending a hand of friendship. But we have taken no funds, nothing from the BJP. The Jat Mahasabha is a strange organisation, my friend. It is a social phenomena. It is a people's revolt. It is a magnificent obsession with them. By God's will, we will win.
You can refer full Article of late 90 HERE